Clumping Bamboo

The thing I don’t like about newer subdivisions in California is the mix of 2 story homes looking into neighbor’s yard. The neighbor on our west side grows tall Cypress all around their yard for privacy.

I looked up the cost and found it to be pricey. So another idea was to grow clumping bamboo along the back fence.


The one pictured is a clumping variety I would like to grow. These bamboos have been at the Buddhist temple grounds for at least 5 years and it hasn’t spread much.

Bamboos sold at nursery are so expensive. Prices range from $20 for the smallest container and up to $100. Hopefully I can make an acceptable donation to the temple and collect some transplant for our backyard.

I especially love walking into a shady grove of bamboo and listening to the sound of winds rustling amongst the leaves. Plus the shoots are tasty too!


2 thoughts on “Clumping Bamboo

  1. I’ve heard about this, our temple have a few that they are growing in several pots right now. The last I have seen they are not growing as fast. I bet it will make a nice backyard landscape.

  2. I was just at the temple for Mother’s Day, but didn’t get the nerve to ask for any bamboo plants. Then again just thinking about how to dig them up is going to be difficult.

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