Espalier Fruit Tree Ideas

Since we are running out of orchard space, we were thinking of growing more fruit trees via espalier.

Here is an example of what I liked to try. It looks quite simple enough to make with some wood and wires.


I’ve seen a good variety of fruit trees on espalier. Apples, pears, peaches, and apricots grow well on espalier. The branches are trained to branch out like a fan along trellis and cables.

Years ago, I came across some really nice looking apple tree espalier grown in a historical garden in Palo Alto, Ca. The apples were very sweet and crunchy. Even though there wasn’t much fruit on it, what it did was add a new dimension to the garden. Definitely worth a try if space is an issue.

I love how cute this looks. Imagine enjoying a nice summer day under this tree.

All photos from Fruit Espaliers.


2 thoughts on “Espalier Fruit Tree Ideas

  1. The picture on the bottom does look real cute, it gives a European feels to the outdoor space. I saw this at Biltmore and it looks real neat along the wall.

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