Combination Cherry Tree

In March, we planted a 4-n-1 cherry tree in our backyard orchard. Since I removed the tags, I don’t know which branch is what variety. But I do have the names of the 4 varieties:


Montmorancy – Healthy, sour, red cherries. The tree was named for Montmorency, a valley in France.

Rainier – Sweet, premium tasting cherries. Named after Mount Rainier.

Stella – Large heart-shaped black sweet cherry.

Lapins – Large cherries, crossed between Van and Stella. Cross breed from Summerland, British Columbia.

The neat thing is that the four varieties ripen at different times. Some early and some late. Since we are in zone 9 we do have the right chill hours needed for growing cherries. Let’s hope it grows big and bountiful!

Note:  It was a bare root tree, meaning it was a dormant tree with no leaves, just roots wrapped in bark.  Lowe’s nursery $22.98.


2 thoughts on “Combination Cherry Tree

  1. I’ve never heard the 4-n-1 tree before, it’s awesome for a small backyard and yours looks real healthy now. It looks to me like each branch is pointing in different direction, North, East, South, and West. 🙂

  2. Hi Nye,
    Nice to see you here! The little tree is doing well so far. We had 1 cherry on it. A bird must have come by and ate it, left nothing but the pit. 🙂

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