Fuyu Persimmon Tree

This Fuyu persimmon tree was planted about a month ago.  If you look closely at the leaves, you’ll notice they appear to be drooping.  It wasn’t always this sad looking.


Last week we had some pretty hot weather, three days of over 100 degrees.  To make up for the heat, we decided to give it lots of water.  So the next day we checked and the leaves were all droopy.  I am starting to think it was too much water, thus causing the roots to drown… hopefully not rotten.

So for now we have with held watering it.  And the leaves on the lowest/bottom tier appear to be gaining strength again.  So I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope the tree comes back to life.

Then again, I noticed the water was soaking in too fast.  And the tree trunk was moving as if the soil became loose.  This does not look good!

Another problem we have in our backyard is gophers.  With all the other trees we planted, we used chicken wire baskets to protect the roots.  Since this was the last tree we planted, we thought the gophers may have left by now.  Especially with all the cats stalking them.

But I’ll give it a few weeks and see if it will get healthy again.  If not, then we may try to move it to a new location.

Update: July 18, 2014. The top half of the branches were dying so I pruned them off. We have withheld watering the tree. There is still signs of life and the leaves have perked up again.


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