Calabaza Squash

I grew the Calabaza squash (Cuban/Indian Pumpkin) from seed back in May.  Then planted them in June.  I didn’t really prepare a proper bed for growing, just sort of found a spot near the flowers and experimenting with it.


Now it is middle of July and the plant is growing very fast.  The leaves are gigantic and the vines are long.  I may have to cut them back when a few squash/pumpkins are bigger. I also didn’t want the vines to smother the hibiscus and zinnias.


So happy to see a little pumpkin. I counted 5 pumpkins so far.  This one is being kept from touching the ground.

More neat info:

Ripens in 90 days

High in dietary fiber and rich in Vitamin A & C

It is native to Central and South America and Caribbean islands.

Calabaza squash can be stored for a month or a little longer in cool dry place.




Mexicola Avocado


We finally got to plant this Mexicola avocado back in June.  It is now middle of July and the tree looks pretty good and there are several new growths.


The only problem I’ve noticed is that something is eating the leaves.  There are random holes here and there.  I am guessing it’s either snails, slugs, or maybe caterpillars.  So to stop the slugs I put crushed eggshells around the tree trunk.  If that doesn’t stop them, then I may spray with neem oil.

Update July 27, 2014:  Some of the new growth have what looks like tip burn.  This could be due to the 100 plus days we’ve had these past few days.  I am thinking of covering it up with a umbrella.

Summer Kittens

kittens These cute kittens showed up in our garden last summer.  They were covered with fleas and tick.  We got them clean as a whistle. Had them all fixed at 4 months old. Tried placing them at adoption centers, but they had no room for more. Now almost a year old, these little guys and gal have become our garden cats.  kittensweek3 This is Cara, named after her caramel coloring.  One of the sweetest and most talkative kitten around. tiger_basket   tigerleaf2 
Enjoying the outdoors.

It was actually nice to know neighbors on both sides love cats. As the one on the left have 1 cat and the other neighbor has 4 stray cats. It seem the cats were all strays that showed up and adopted us. Now it really feels a lot like Santorini.