Summer Kittens

kittens These cute kittens showed up in our garden last summer.  They were covered with fleas and tick.  We got them clean as a whistle. Had them all fixed at 4 months old. Tried placing them at adoption centers, but they had no room for more. Now almost a year old, these little guys and gal have become our garden cats.  kittensweek3 This is Cara, named after her caramel coloring.  One of the sweetest and most talkative kitten around. tiger_basket   tigerleaf2 
Enjoying the outdoors.

It was actually nice to know neighbors on both sides love cats. As the one on the left have 1 cat and the other neighbor has 4 stray cats. It seem the cats were all strays that showed up and adopted us. Now it really feels a lot like Santorini.


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