Hoya Carnosa “Wax Plant”

A few years ago I bought a cutting of the hoya carnosa aka “wax plant” from a Florida Ebay seller.  Since they are tropical plants, they do best in hot humid environments.  Well that plant cutting got killed by the winter frost.


Then last autumn I saw my favorite wax plant marked at 50% clearance in a nursery.  It was an exciting moment to see this plant even sold locally.  So I bought one home and made sure to protect it well during the winter.

As soon as there was a frost warning, I made sure to protect it by covering it with a thick clear plastic bag.  When the frost warning was over in February I removed it from the bag.  It grew really well last spring.  And I was able to divide it into two pots.

Most people grow these indoor and look forward to enjoying it’s gorgeous wax like flowers.


Check out how the flowers grow like spheres.  Photo via wunderground.com

“The flowers are typically light pink, but may vary from near-white to dark pink; they are star-shaped, and are borne in clusters that look like tiny wax miniatures. The surface of the flowers are covered in tiny hairs giving a fuzzy sheen to them. They are heavily scented and may produce excess nectar that drips from the flowers.” – Wikipedia


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