Summer Plant Cuttings

I started a few plant cuttings this summer.  Pretty good success rate.   Soil was equal mix of potting soil, sand, sphagnum moss.  I also used rooting hormone.  Kept soil moist at all times.  Misting twice a day.  On colder nights, the cuttings were covered in plastic boxes.


Mosquito plant cuttng.   Other cuttings included: hibiscus, gardenia, lantana, oleander.


Crown of thorns (Orange flowering variety) cutting


White rose cuttings


Lemon tree cuttings.  I got 5 plants that are ready to be put in gallon pots soon.  I was amazed at how thick the roots can get from these lemon tree cuttings.

I hope to keep them in a greenhouse this winter and plant them in the spring.


September Songs

September songs from maybe a decade or two ago. Still brings back memories.

The Verve – Brave New World

In the Sun by Joseph Arthur