Purple Tree Collard

I don’t usually like buying plants online, but really wanted to add some cold hardy veggies to the garden.  That’s when I found out about tree collards.  There’s even a whole wonderful blog dedicated to this neat edible collard tree.


Tree Collards are like regular collard greens except that can get really tall, about 5-6 feet in height.  And once established the plants can be propagated via cuttings.  Experienced gardener advise it’s best to take soft cutting from new growth vs woody cutting as those tend to rot.  And the roots are very delicate, so best to let them grow in a gallon pot before transporting to the ground.

So back in September I bought some cuttings from a gardener in Walnut Creek via mail order.  The plants all arrived nice and healthy.

Of all my tree collard cuttings (maybe 4-5 total) I did manage to grow one healthy looking one.  So all is not lost.

I noticed some bugs or slugs were nibbling on the leaves, so I put down some eggshells.  It seems to be working pretty good.  Then again maybe the calcium from the eggshells is helping out too.

It was partially my fault for not putting more care and attention to my little plants these past few months.  Gardening is relaxing when the hard part is done, even still it’s not as easy as it looks!

I also ordered some seeds, cuttings of golden raspberry and sunchokes (Jerusalem artichoke) from Walnut Creek.  Unfortunately we had a blast of heat at the beginning of autumn and my berry cuttings all died.

I did manage to plant the sunchokes in the garden, but some nasty little white bugs destroyed it.  The next time I’m out in the garden, I’ll have to dig up the tubers and see if they are still alive.


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