Plant Cuttings Still Thriving

Just an update on the cuttings I made from last summer and fall.  It looks like most of the roses didn’t make it except for 2.  The gardenia and hibiscus were doing well until the cold weather kicked in.  So those did not make it either.


The ones that did make it are in the photo above.  For a novice attempt at plant cuttings, I am happy to say these guys were the more easier ones to propagate.  Now let’s just hope they make it to spring.

Rosemary (2/3)

Roses (2/5)

Lemon (5/5)

Lantana (2/3)

Crown of Thorns (3/3)

Mosquito Plants (5/5)

Oleander ( I rooted one via water)  and it was neat to see the extensive root ball.


6 thoughts on “Plant Cuttings Still Thriving

  1. The Rosemary are hardy and easy plant to care for. I have 2 big pants in my garden and they live through the cold months. If they all live till spring, you’ll have a good collection in your garden, will you plant them in pots?

    • Glad to hear the Rosemary are cold hardy, because I have yet to cover them during the frosty nights.

      I plan to get them big enough so I can have rows of Rosemary. I also plan to root more in the spring. Rosemary are suppose to help prevent fleas and ticks, plus great addition to cooking and also in making herbal soap.

      • I didn’t use to like the flavor until Lee used it to flavor her grill shrimps for her spaghetti. It has grown on us, and we have use it more often now.

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