Clumping Bamboo

Our local Buddhist temple has a forest of bamboo that makes it a very peaceful place.  It’s been there for many years and has never spread.  So that makes it perfect for an urban backyard garden.

Clumping bamboo have a non-invasive root structure so they are best suited for urban backyard.  As long as you continue to harvest the new shoots and keep it under control, there would be less chance of it spreading.


With a $30 donation to the Buddhist temple, we were able to take one stalk with a nice size root ball.  This variety also has a wide and thick stalk, therefore making the bamboo ideal to use for garden projects and more.


Since bamboos are one of the fastest growing plants out there, I am hoping they will start to fill up this corner of the yard soon.

The leaves are still green but seem to be drooping a bit, but then again it is winter time.  Maybe the plant will perk up again with warmer weather.

Here is a wonderful Flickr photostream of a house in Australia with many varieties of bamboo. I can imagine how peaceful it would be to walk in this forest.