Neem & Ginger Handmade Soap

I’ve been making soaps for a few years and have been using only handmade soap now.  It really does leave my skin super soft and well moisturized.  And the soaps are gentle enough for face and body.

Last month I had the chance to make a few batches of soap.  The first one off the curing rack is this Neem & Ginger soap.


The idea was to make a Neem Ginger shampoo bar, but it left my hair feeling less than spectacular.  A bit heavy and too oily instead.  When using handmade shampoo bar, it’s best to rinse with Apple cider vinegar.  Of course that proved to be too smelly and time consuming for me.

But at least this soap works great as face or body soap.  Both neem and ginger is great for the skin, great natural ingredients to deal with blemishes.

Best of all the ingredients are not harsh and made of vegetable oils, including olive and rice bran oil.  Mixed with some Moroccan red clay, ginger essential oil and neem extract.  The neem has a strong garlic like smell, but the ginger essential oil was able to cover it up.

So far I only have a few bars of each variety.  They will usually last the whole year.  And occasionally I will gift some of the prettier bars.  Nothing beats handmade soap!


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