Jim Bacon Avocado Tree Budding


The Jim Bacon avocado tree started to burst out with lots of buds in mid-February.  I hope new leaves start to form as well.  Despite all the new flower buds, it is common them to start dropping in it’s first year of bloom.


These avocado trees were planted last spring.  I think they were 2 year old trees grafted on a rootstock.  Grafted trees should fruit in 3-5 years versus seedling that may take 7-10 years.


I didn’t really put much effort to protecting the tree last winter so I lost a few leaves due to frost damage.  I’ve already removed the damage leaves, so now the tree looks a bit thinner compare to last year.

But I will be prepare for the harsh summer heat by painting the trunks with 50/50 mix of water and white latex paint.  The white paint will protect it from sunburns.



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