Mexicola Avocado Flower Buds

Our Mexicola Avocado tree survived it’s first Northern California winter.  Fortunately we didn’t have much of a freeze this past winter.  And it was also a very dry winter.  Out here the rainy season is in the winter followed by spring showers.


Spring is around the corner and we had one day of good rain.  It looks like the Mexicola avocado flower is happy and celebrating.  Just today I actually saw one flower open up.


This one looks like it’s doing a rain dance.


There’s also some new young leaves coming out.  I have no idea if these will actually fruit this year.  Being that it’s a young tree, it’s always better for the tree to concentrate on growing strong roots instead.


3 thoughts on “Mexicola Avocado Flower Buds

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    • Hi Yan, glad to hear you love avocado as much as I do. Sorry I don’t have any of the seeds right now. Maybe by next autumn I will have more fruits and will save the seeds.

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