Germinating Moringa Seeds

I’ve always wanted to try growing my own Moringa plant after learning about it’s many health benefits.  Moringa seeds and leaves are full of protein and vitamins.


Photo of Moringa flower from wikipedia.

Fresh moringa leaves are sold at Asian market and some farmer’s market out in Northern California.  And moringa leaf powder is a popular supplement that can mixed into drinks.

Moringa are widely grown even in South America and Asia.  It’s being grown in Africa to combat malnutrition. Here in the U.S., they do very well in Hawaii, Florida and Texas.

I’ve seen Youtube videos of people growing Moringa successfully in southern California so I figured it’s worth a try.  It is a bit colder up north, so I just don’t know if it will survive our cooler winter.  But it’s worth experimenting.

Here are the steps to growing your own Moringa plant.  I got my seeds from Ebay, and I say the sprout rate is about 80%, which is not bad at all.


Soak overnight.


Place seeds on wet napkin.  Enclosed in glass container with lid on the windowsill.


In about 5-7 days they start to emerge.  Then plant in good potting soil.  I’ll try to do an update once I plant them.


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