Semi Dwarf Blenheim Apricot

This spring we replaced the Fuyu persimmon tree with an apricot tree.  It was sad to see our persimmon fail to make it this spring.  The root stock was trying to grow new shoots but the top was totally dead.


Since we have limited space, we replaced it with this semi Dwarf Blenheim Apricot.  This variety is widely grown in the Santa Clara Valley.  Bay Laurel Nursery describes the Semi Dwarf Blenheim Apricot as an all-purpose, sweet, aromatic, flavorful apricot. Longtime No. 1 apricot in California.  Early bloom. Late June/early July harvest.


Moorpark Apricots on tree.  Photo from Stark Brothers

Since I love apricots so much, I would love to plant the Moorpark Apricot.   At our old home the tree was really prolific and just kept producing fruits year after year.  Bay Laurel Nursery describes the Moorpark as a longtime favorite apricot of connoisseurs for its exceptionally rich flavor and aroma.  And I have to agree!  Supermarket apricot never come close to homegrown or fresh picked apricot.


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