Mosquito Plant In Bloom


Last summer I planted this mosquito plant as a natural mosquito repellant.  I was surprise to see these little purplish white flowers popping up this spring.


The plant itself doesn’t repel mosquitoes.  When crushed the leaves lend off a citronella (smells like lemongrass to me) scent that bugs, including mosquitoes and fleas, just hate.  Whenever I am out in the backyard near dusk, I rub the leaves on my neck, arm and ankle to release the scent and deter bugs.


The mosquito plant is really easy to grow as it is part of the geranium family.  They also don’t require much water once established.  This plant is also very easy to propagate.  Just break off some of the new growth and either stick in right into the ground or in a potted container.  I have successfully grown new plants this way and would love to grow a row of these along the yard.


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