A Very Dry Summer

California is in a severe drought.  And we are doing our part by saving as much water as we can.  I could go and on, but I’ll leave it as our worse summer to garden yet.   We had to conserve more water and didn’t give much to our garden.  The backyard grass has gone yellow and we are thinking of putting down ground covers and paver stones now.

On the bright side, my mini orchard is doing fine.  I was glad to put in the ground before the drought warning.  So we try to water them at least a few times a week.

Mexicola Avocado

And surprise, surprise… we have 1 avocado.  To think of all these blooms, we have only 1 fruit.  Along with almonds, avocado need a lot of water to grow.  So I just don’t know how successful these avocado trees will be for us.  Maybe it’s time to get some rain barrels and start collecting rain water too.

Last year we had lots of blooms on our Persian lime bush.  By autumn we had only 1 lime.  M jokes about how much gallon of water went into that one little lime.  But I figure it’s their first few years and they do need the water.  After they become established and healthy, they will do much better.


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