Mini Orchard in August

August might just be one of the hottest month this year.  Especially with the heat wave we had just last week.  So far the mini orchard is doing well.


I got 3 fruits off the this multi-grafted Asian pear tree.  Notice the trunk is painted white, this is to protect it from the harsh sun.  The tree is looking good and the trunk is getting thicker.

Once in a while, I’ll see white flies hiding under the leaves.  So I just shake them off or spray it water on them.  It seems to work OK.


Best tasting, most sweetest and juiciest Asian pear I’ve ever tasted!


It was a relief to see it had survived the winter without much protection.  Still waiting for this little guy to ripen up.  I’m thinking that won’t be until the end of the year.

As for the other trees, I was able to pick a few cherries back in May.  A few meaning 3 tart cherries after what the birds left for me.  The Parifanka pomegranate didn’t make to this year.    But the Wonderful pomegranate is starting to bush out more and I saw 1 fruit on it.  So I’m glad to have put the trees down before the water restriction started this year.  The lawn and garden is really feeling the drought.  And it doesn’t help the lawn that we rescued another dog.  She just loves to dig for gophers and chase lizards.  More on her on my next post.