California Drought Resistant Garden Plants

It is September and the days have yet to cool down. I was glad to see many of my succulent plants doing very well this summer. I’ve made cuttings of many of them so I can one day transform the lawn into a succulent drought resistant garden.


This Crown of Thorns plant held up the best this summer.  With the intense heat wave it is still going strong. It is really loving the heat – since it did originate from Africa and grows abundantly in many hot climates.


Here is one of the cuttings from the Crown of Thorns.


My decade old Aloe Vera plant is also doing well, it had 3 pups. I re-potted one of the pups and waiting for the other 2 to get bigger before I move them.


My geraniums are also doing well with low water. I already have several cuttings of geraniums and Mosquito plants too. If you look closely at the geranium leaves, you’ll see these little specks of ashes – they’ve been blowing our way from the wild fires north and east of us.

It was been hazy and gray for a few days now in our part of the state. Little particles of ashes and the smell of burning trees have filled the air. The hills and mountains east and north of us are still on fire. I pray that the local people and animals have found safety and shelter from this devastating fire.

As for the mini orchard, I was glad to see the Mexicola avocado doing well this summer. Not so much for it’s partner, Jim Bacon. And I did lose a few trees here and there. But that is gardening for a novice gardener in these time of water restrictions amongst other personal dilemmas. It has been a quite a summer!