Mexicola Avocado in October

It has been a never ending summer for us here in Northern California…with today’s temperature being at 96 degrees!  And it won’t be cooling down anytime soon.  Well I guess the plants are enjoying the warm weather.  And the fruit off my Mexicola avocado is starting to change color.  From green to purplish black.


The thing with avocado is that they don’t ripen on the tree, so it is still very firm.  But it will ripen once it’s picked and left on it’s own.  Hopefully this fruit will be nice and creamy once it’s ready to eat.  Then again it is only the 1st fruit of this tree, so can’t really expect too much out of it.


Compare to our other avocado tree, the Jim Bacon variety, this tree is doing much better.  It has branched out more with dense leaves and many new growth.  The trunk is also getting bigger each year.  I am starting to wonder if the Jim Bacon variety was just planted in the wrong part of the yard?  At this point I can’t really move it anywhere as I don’t have much space left in our little yard to plant any more trees.  So I guess it will have to just stay where it is for now.

Also note we have let our lawn go brown to conserve water.  And our gardening didn’t pan out as we decided to use the water for the mini backyard orchard instead.  I think it would be great if they make houses that can use gray water (water from kitchen and laundry) to water lawns and shrubs.  That somehow requires a permit to do… so that is another story!

Update: 11/2015 I ate the ripe avocado and it was so good!  The skin was very thin and easy to peel.  The inside was very creamy and nutty.  It was perfect drizzled with honey.  Yum!