Hello Rainy January

It’s almost the end of January and we’ve had many rainy days out here in Northern California.  No complaints so far, except for maybe when the grounds are too soggy and the dogs don’t get as much walking.  Cabin fever anyone?  Luckily we’ve had a few breaks in the weather and got to see some sunshine this weekend.


Here is some of my succulents that have survived the winter freeze back in December.  These little green guys are really hardy since they can take low water and very cold temperatures.  They were turning red on the edges, but after the rain they have flourished and started to turn green.  Reminds me of a place leprechauns would like to hide in.


Photo via etsy made by: Fairyscape.  “Succulent Enchanted Fairy Garden in terra cotta pot”

In the springtime I am thinking of making a few succulent fairy gardens.  I love how lush and colorful this one above looks.  Maybe one of my elderly neighbor would love to have a little fairy garden in a pot sitting on her porch too.




2 thoughts on “Hello Rainy January

  1. The ones that survived looked healthy, is that a small rock garden? It’s certainly nice to see greenery in the grey winter.

    • I guess this would be a very small rock garden! We’ve been lucky this winter and have more rain. But the state of CA said we are still in a drought, so must save water. Bummer.

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