10 Stitch Knitting

I haven’t had the time to knit much these days. But when I do find the time, I go right to my 10 stitch knitting.  Frankie Brown, the pattern designer described it as “An Elizabeth Zimmermann inspired blanket worked in any yarn using only 10 stitches. You start in the centre and work in a sort of square spiral, joining as you go. No sewing up needed!”

The pattern itself started off very confusing to me.  And I had to unravel many times to get it right.  But once you get the hang of this pattern, it will go very smoothly.

1st Start with casting on 10 sts.  Slipping all first sts, knit 9 ridges (18 rows).  Mark the right side.


Now get ready for the corners which Frankie calls “open double corners”.  To me they are more like knitting 2 triangles to form a square corner.  Use the following pattern to form the 1st triangle or corner.  There will be lots of wrap and turn knitting here.

*Sl 1, K8, yfwd, sl 1 pwise, yb, turn.
Sl 1 pwise, yb, K9.
Sl 1, K7, yfwd, sl 1 pwise, yb, turn.

Sl 1 pwise, yb, K8.

Sl 1, K6, yfwd, sl 1 pwise, yb, turn.

Sl 1 pwise, yb, K7.

Continue along until you are down to the last row.   When you only have 1 st to work, knit it rather than slipping it.
Now reverse the process, working back up to 9 sts, still wrapping the st at each turn.**Work one ridge with all 10 sts then turn another corner from * to ** (When working the 10 st ridge you
might like to work sl 1, pick up and knit 1 st, psso at the end of the first row to neaten the join.) This will  form the 2nd triangle in order to form a square corner.  At this point it would just look like a long rectangle.


In this photo above, I’ve already finished the corners.  And already starting the next triangle.


Looks like I’ve already finished knitting the corners and it will form a square soon.

Now work back along the side of the original 9 ridges, attaching
your strip as you go by following this two row pattern:
Row 1: Sl 1, K8, sl 1, pick up and K 1 st from the side of the
knitting (there should be a ‘bump’ there ready), psso.
Row 2: K 10.  When you reach the next corner work a single corner (from * to
**) and carry on along the next side.


This is the center where the corners have joined and we continue knitting outward from here.   The neat thing about this pattern is that it can get as big as you like while still knitting with just 10 stitches.


I just used this leftover colorful yarn to see how it would turn out.  It’s OK, but I think next time I’ll use more muted colors.  I like using size 7 circular bamboo needles.  When I have free time, I will do a video tutorial.  In the meantime I hope these instructions are helpful.

I’d also love to try the Ten Stitch ZigZag and the Spiral.  Thanks for sharing Frankie!