White Pear Blossoms

We had quite a bit of rain in March and everything is coming up green in our area.  Spring is possibly the most cheery time of the year as little blossoms start showing their colors.


Here are some white Asian pear blossoms from our multi-grafted pear tree.  Last spring there was only a handful of flowers.  So I think this year we could have a good crop of pears – compare to last year’s total of 3 fruits 🙂  That is if the bee population is healthy and strong and ready to do their their busy bee thing soon.


This will be year #3 for my little backyard orchard.  The nice thing about growing trees or annuals is that once it’s in the ground, there isn’t much else to do except to watch it grow.  Well except for the usual care such as pruning, mulching, fertilizers, keeping the bugs off and of course water!  And despite all the rain we’ve had this winter, Governor Brown had to remind us know that we are not in the black yet, so we must all conserve and limit our water usage.  Wonder if it’s not too late to start collecting some of that rain water.

Photos taken with Samsung Galaxy S3


3 thoughts on “White Pear Blossoms

  1. I think it’s a good idea to collect the rain water, at least you could use it to water the plants. Using recycle water to water plants is not a bad idea either, it’s a bit more work but well worth it during the dry season. We have well water and it beats having to pay for the city water and sewer.

    Your Asian pear looks a lot bigger, crossed fingers for a fruitful crops this year. I like to plant the Asian pears also, and need to check the local nursery to see if they have any.

    • Hi Nye,
      I do look forward to harvesting all these different Asian varieties in the fall. Btw, the best time to buy fruit tree is during late winter when they start selling bare root trees. Even Lowe’s had some nice variety and are much cheaper too. Actually I was surprise to find our Lowe’s selling potted guava and mango trees! I just don’t think I could put in the time and effort to protect them from the frost. Probably better to just move to Florida 🙂

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