Summer Backyard Fruits

Summer has officially arrived on June 20th and I hope everyone is staying cool.  As much as I love summer greens & fruits, I don’t know if I like the summer heat as much.  But thank goodness for the cool breeze blowing off the deltas and river ways.


Our mini fruit orchard is making an effort.  The Mexicola avocado tree is doing well. It has produced at least 10 fruits, compare to last year of 1 fruit.  Next year we may actually give it avocado fertilizer and see if that helps.

The other trees in the garden which I didn’t get to photograph include the Wonderful pomegranate, Algerian clementine, apricot and Bacon Avocado.  The apricot tree has some strange little holes on it’s leaf and I haven’t found a cure for it.  Since it’s still young and the roots haven’t been established yet, it makes it difficult to fight off any disease.  But once it’s a few years older, maybe it will do better.

Most of the trees are struggling, but the Asian Pear tree was the most productive, with close to 30 pears!  I was hoping the fruit size would be larger and I don’t know if it will continue to get bigger.  It’s probably because we’ve been conservative about watering our garden.

Anyhow, at the rate of things in the state of California, we really don’t know how long we will live in one location.  But either way, we put down these fruit trees and maybe the next generation can enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Photo taken with Samsung Note 2


3 thoughts on “Summer Backyard Fruits

  1. The Asian pear tree looks healthy, I think it’ll do much better if you didn’t have to conserve water. Every house we moved to we think it’s the forever home and pour so much energy into fixing and planting trees and garden, I guess enjoy it while living there. I’m fortunate that we sold our 1st house to my dad and can still visit every weekend. 🙂

    • Hi Nye, yes the garden has been suffering this summer due to a lack of water. And the Asian pears never got any bigger. But they still tasted really good – sweet & bursting with flavor! As for houses, you are lucky to have the 1st house still in the family. And yes it would be nice to just “settle down & grow roots” someday but it seems that things fluctuate so much around here. I am just looking forward to the day when I can just sit in my little country cottage sipping lemonade w/no care in the world 🙂 Until then, it’s one day at a time.

      • You sound like Anne of Greengable, 🙂 I normally do that when we go camping and that’s why I love camping so much, it’s my escape from a normal everyday life.

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