Winter Knitting

I hope the new year is starting off well for everyone! I am just glad the holidays are finally now over. It seems with every passing year, I am finding the holidays to be such a chore. Then again, it’s probably because I’ve been in a funk for some time now. And it doesn’t help that the weather has been mostly dark, gray skies and wet weather.

So to make this winter a bit less gloomy, I’ve been working on this 10 stitch twist knitting project by Frankie Brown. I actually started knitting this back in November.  Last winter I did the 10 stitch blanket, which was fun.  But it didn’t get very far, so it became more of a place mat (for cats).


This project is fairly easy to knit pattern once you get started. The staring part is most confusing… thank goodness for Youtube knitting tutorials!


My spiral knitting has reached row 4, so that means 4 long rows & 1 short row.  This knitting project has been my favorite so far since it’s easy to stitch while listening to podcast, watch Netflix, or enjoying coffee/tea on a dark gray winter day.


And once you’re done, just pack it up.  Another new thing for 2017 I’d like to do is not buy  more things.  Especially yarns, so I am planning on using some of my yarn stash for this blanket.  Happy new year to all & happy knitting!



2 thoughts on “Winter Knitting

  1. It would look pretty as a full blanket, but at least the cat gets to enjoy it. I saw a lady at work knitting during her lunch break, certainly is a relaxing way of spending her free time. I’m not a huge fan of gray winter weather and ready for the Spring.

    • That’s neat your co-worker knits on her break. I always seem to run out of time, whether it’s doing errands, reading or eating during my lunch break 😀

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