Summertime Cat in California

This is our previous neighbor’s cat, they’ve moved out of state for a few months now.  I sure miss seeing this cat around.  He would always greet us and just likes to lounge around on the cool sidewalk next to the shrubs.

The neighbor said the cat just showed up to their doorstep one day and never left!  That is pretty much the story around here.  This cat has the bluest eyes that remind me of the deep ocean with fur that’s beige in color like sand.  Such a neat looking cat.

The neighbors were waiting until retirement to finally leave California in order to find their dream country home. I wish our neighbors and their cat all the best.  Life in this state has it’s high and lows, but for the most part it’s pretty sweet.  The weather is mild (despite the hot summers), and winters are short.  The Pacific Ocean is only a few hours away going west, so day trips are always fun and sometimes spontaneous.  So for now, California is still home to me.