Cherimoya Fruit Tree

Just last weekend I was browsing our local Lowe’s garden center and was really surprised to come upon these great selection of tropical fruits.  Especially the cherimoya tree since they are one of my favorite tropical fruits.

I was tempted to purchase one, but since I live in Northern California this was not possible.  It takes a lot of dedication to successfully grow these tropical fruits here.

This one named “Honeyheart” sounds really delicious.  Another variety available was “Chaffey”.   The plants were from La Verne Nursery in Ventura county.  They have a great list of Sub-tropical fruit trees, but are only sold wholesale to retailers such as Lowe’s.

In the meantime it was a nice surprise and neat to see Lowe’s offering such a diverse selection of plants.  Here’s a list of the tropical trees available: Goji berries, Dragon Fruit, Loquats, Sapote, Mango, Guava, and Avocado.