Summertime Cat in California

This is our previous neighbor’s cat, they’ve moved out of state for a few months now.  I sure miss seeing this cat around.  He would always greet us and just likes to lounge around on the cool sidewalk next to the shrubs.

The neighbor said the cat just showed up to their doorstep one day and never left!  That is pretty much the story around here.  This cat has the bluest eyes that remind me of the deep ocean with fur that’s beige in color like sand.  Such a neat looking cat.

The neighbors were waiting until retirement to finally leave California in order to find their dream country home. I wish our neighbors and their cat all the best.  Life in this state has it’s high and lows, but for the most part it’s pretty sweet.  The weather is mild (despite the hot summers), and winters are short.  The Pacific Ocean is only a few hours away going west, so day trips are always fun and sometimes spontaneous.  So for now, California is still home to me.






Snapshot of a street in Leucadia, CA

Leucadia is situated just miles from the Pacific Ocean.  It is a very serene and scenic little beach town.  And next door was Encinitas, where it seem more popular as sidewalks were full of people walking and biking.  There were also many beach cottages dotted along the coast, each filled with lush foliage.  Hopefully I’ll get to come back again and spend more time here.

May 2017


Good Bye 2015

2015 was a year full of good-byes.  Some had to go sooner than others, but they will always leave an imprint in our heart.  I hope the holidays have been relaxing and fun for everyone.  May the new year bring you much peace, love and good cheer.


I barely had time to garden, but I do make an effort.  Back in November I made 10 cuttings from my Rosemary bush.  I’ve kept the cuttings in a small greenhouse.  Hopefully it will survive the winter and get planted in spring.


We have some new additions to our already growing family of four leg furries.  Introducing Hilda, the German Schnauzer.  She came to us very shy and skittish.  Now she is just full of life and love.  Hilda loves long walks and will greet you with a big smile.

And that is our Red Panda cat.  It’s not that we go looking for new pets, but somehow they end up finding us!


Happy Holidays


To those near and far, young and old, may you continue to have much peace and happiness in your life.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

P.S. Miss Kitty is doing much better after her summer surgery of 2013 to remove the ear skin cancer.  Thanks to the kind and loving team at UC Davis small animal clinic.

Luna’s Favorite Place


Luna’s favorite place is on top of this couch.  It’s the best seat in the house.  Luna is our Pomeranian Chihuahua mix dog, sometimes call Pom-Chi.  We had her for a year now.

Luna is more like a cat than a dog.  One of the most polite and sweetest dog ever.  She gets along well with other cats and children really love coming to say hello to her.


Luna loves the sunshine, but not the summer heat.  What’s funny about Luna is that if we don’t walk her enough, she wants to take herself for a walk.  And there are no shortage of animal friends in this neighborhood for her to visit.


Summer Kittens

kittens These cute kittens showed up in our garden last summer.  They were covered with fleas and tick.  We got them clean as a whistle. Had them all fixed at 4 months old. Tried placing them at adoption centers, but they had no room for more. Now almost a year old, these little guys and gal have become our garden cats.  kittensweek3 This is Cara, named after her caramel coloring.  One of the sweetest and most talkative kitten around. tiger_basket   tigerleaf2 
Enjoying the outdoors.

It was actually nice to know neighbors on both sides love cats. As the one on the left have 1 cat and the other neighbor has 4 stray cats. It seem the cats were all strays that showed up and adopted us. Now it really feels a lot like Santorini.