Good Bye 2015

2015 was a year full of good-byes.  Some had to go sooner than others, but they will always leave an imprint in our heart.  I hope the holidays have been relaxing and fun for everyone.  May the new year bring you much peace, love and good cheer.


I barely had time to garden, but I do make an effort.  Back in November I made 10 cuttings from my Rosemary bush.  I’ve kept the cuttings in a small greenhouse.  Hopefully it will survive the winter and get planted in spring.


We have some new additions to our already growing family of four leg furries.  Introducing Hilda, the German Schnauzer.  She came to us very shy and skittish.  Now she is just full of life and love.  Hilda loves long walks and will greet you with a big smile.

And that is our Red Panda cat.  It’s not that we go looking for new pets, but somehow they end up finding us!