Thai Chili Pepper Seeds


I bought some of these long Thai chili peppers from the Asian market and am saving the seeds.  I don’t know if they would actually grow, but it would be neat to find out.

The seeds pictured here is only 1/2 of what I got from one pepper.  There was at least 60 healthy looking seeds.  The peppers are really hot and I have the feeling they are true heirloom variety.  So no GMO here.


It’s seed catalog season… I didn’t realize there were so many varieties of watermelons as there were of tomatoes.


September Songs

September songs from maybe a decade or two ago. Still brings back memories.

The Verve – Brave New World

In the Sun by Joseph Arthur

Calabaza Squash

I grew the Calabaza squash (Cuban/Indian Pumpkin) from seed back in May.  Then planted them in June.  I didn’t really prepare a proper bed for growing, just sort of found a spot near the flowers and experimenting with it.


Now it is middle of July and the plant is growing very fast.  The leaves are gigantic and the vines are long.  I may have to cut them back when a few squash/pumpkins are bigger. I also didn’t want the vines to smother the hibiscus and zinnias.


So happy to see a little pumpkin. I counted 5 pumpkins so far.  This one is being kept from touching the ground.

More neat info:

Ripens in 90 days

High in dietary fiber and rich in Vitamin A & C

It is native to Central and South America and Caribbean islands.

Calabaza squash can be stored for a month or a little longer in cool dry place.