Winter Garden

After consecutive days of rain, it was nice to welcome the sun this weekend.  And it was a lovely and warm 62 degrees too 🙂


These are the same succulent plants from previous years.  I like how these always turn a bit red on the tips during the cold season.


This clementine actually had lots of blossoms, but most of them dropped.  But somehow there are 2 fruits that are ready for picking.


The fruit was very sour and had way too many seeds.  I should have listen to other gardeners when they warned me about the seeds.


The Mexicola avocado tree is getting bigger.  I also topped off the main branch because it was getting so tall.  Being that our backyard is small, best to keep this tree pruned.

I actually told myself I was not going to add anymore plants to the garden.  But I couldn’t help it and I got 2 more plants.  The Forsythia plant and also the pineapple guava bush.  Pineapple guava is known to be carefree, drought resistant plants…. that sounds good to me!  Anyway I haven’t put them in the garden yet… when I do I will post an update.