Spring Blossoms 2017

Spring has arrived!  And that means blossoms are popping out left and right.

The Asian Pear is again blooming and coming out strong.

The cherry tree has a few more blossoms, but I doubt I’ll see even a handful of cherries.  Especially if the birds get to them first.


The Mexicola avocado has always been prolific with blossoms.  Even so, the flowers end up dropping by middle of summer.  But since I noticed more bees buzzing around maybe we’ll have more fruit setting rather than dropping.  Maybe we’ll have a good crop of avocado this year.

Even with all the rain we had this winter, the sate of California still encourages us to save water.  Since our mini backyard fruit orchard is on year 3, I would think  most of the roots have grown deep and strong.  So hopefully it will do well with limited water.




Autumn Harvest

The summer has just flew by and now it’s autumn!  The world is getting bigger and the the clock keeps ticking forward.  So much distractions and things to ponder.  Just need to remember to take time out and enjoy the small things too.  Such small things as my little backyard orchard. Which didn’t really produce much of a harvest at all…. but what we did harvest was greatly appreciated!


I do have a small jujubee tree, but it’s still too young and looks like a small shrub.  These big varieties I got from the Farmer’s Market recently.  Jujubee are sometimes called, “Chinese apple” and taste like crisp apple but with a unique sweetness.  One of my mom’s favorite fall fruits.


Best to pick the avocado when they turn black/purple then let it sit for about 5 days until soft enough to eat.  This Mexicola variety has very thin skin that was hard to peel, so I just ate the skin too.  Good thing it’s organic!


I’ve gathered some fruits here… “Wonderful Pomegranate”  and some avocados.  We gave  few ripe fruits to our friends and neighbor.  One that grows mandarin oranges and he didn’t have a good harvest this year either.  Besides the drought, there is also a citrus disease going around here.  Maybe next season will be better.

All photos taken with Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Summer Backyard Fruits

Summer has officially arrived on June 20th and I hope everyone is staying cool.  As much as I love summer greens & fruits, I don’t know if I like the summer heat as much.  But thank goodness for the cool breeze blowing off the deltas and river ways.


Our mini fruit orchard is making an effort.  The Mexicola avocado tree is doing well. It has produced at least 10 fruits, compare to last year of 1 fruit.  Next year we may actually give it avocado fertilizer and see if that helps.

The other trees in the garden which I didn’t get to photograph include the Wonderful pomegranate, Algerian clementine, apricot and Bacon Avocado.  The apricot tree has some strange little holes on it’s leaf and I haven’t found a cure for it.  Since it’s still young and the roots haven’t been established yet, it makes it difficult to fight off any disease.  But once it’s a few years older, maybe it will do better.

Most of the trees are struggling, but the Asian Pear tree was the most productive, with close to 30 pears!  I was hoping the fruit size would be larger and I don’t know if it will continue to get bigger.  It’s probably because we’ve been conservative about watering our garden.

Anyhow, at the rate of things in the state of California, we really don’t know how long we will live in one location.  But either way, we put down these fruit trees and maybe the next generation can enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Photo taken with Samsung Note 2

Mini Orchard in August

August might just be one of the hottest month this year.  Especially with the heat wave we had just last week.  So far the mini orchard is doing well.


I got 3 fruits off the this multi-grafted Asian pear tree.  Notice the trunk is painted white, this is to protect it from the harsh sun.  The tree is looking good and the trunk is getting thicker.

Once in a while, I’ll see white flies hiding under the leaves.  So I just shake them off or spray it water on them.  It seems to work OK.


Best tasting, most sweetest and juiciest Asian pear I’ve ever tasted!


It was a relief to see it had survived the winter without much protection.  Still waiting for this little guy to ripen up.  I’m thinking that won’t be until the end of the year.

As for the other trees, I was able to pick a few cherries back in May.  A few meaning 3 tart cherries after what the birds left for me.  The Parifanka pomegranate didn’t make to this year.    But the Wonderful pomegranate is starting to bush out more and I saw 1 fruit on it.  So I’m glad to have put the trees down before the water restriction started this year.  The lawn and garden is really feeling the drought.  And it doesn’t help the lawn that we rescued another dog.  She just loves to dig for gophers and chase lizards.  More on her on my next post.

A Very Dry Summer

California is in a severe drought.  And we are doing our part by saving as much water as we can.  I could go and on, but I’ll leave it as our worse summer to garden yet.   We had to conserve more water and didn’t give much to our garden.  The backyard grass has gone yellow and we are thinking of putting down ground covers and paver stones now.

On the bright side, my mini orchard is doing fine.  I was glad to put in the ground before the drought warning.  So we try to water them at least a few times a week.

Mexicola Avocado

And surprise, surprise… we have 1 avocado.  To think of all these blooms, we have only 1 fruit.  Along with almonds, avocado need a lot of water to grow.  So I just don’t know how successful these avocado trees will be for us.  Maybe it’s time to get some rain barrels and start collecting rain water too.

Last year we had lots of blooms on our Persian lime bush.  By autumn we had only 1 lime.  M jokes about how much gallon of water went into that one little lime.  But I figure it’s their first few years and they do need the water.  After they become established and healthy, they will do much better.

Mexicola Avocado Flower Buds

Our Mexicola Avocado tree survived it’s first Northern California winter.  Fortunately we didn’t have much of a freeze this past winter.  And it was also a very dry winter.  Out here the rainy season is in the winter followed by spring showers.


Spring is around the corner and we had one day of good rain.  It looks like the Mexicola avocado flower is happy and celebrating.  Just today I actually saw one flower open up.


This one looks like it’s doing a rain dance.


There’s also some new young leaves coming out.  I have no idea if these will actually fruit this year.  Being that it’s a young tree, it’s always better for the tree to concentrate on growing strong roots instead.

Mexicola Avocado


We finally got to plant this Mexicola avocado back in June.  It is now middle of July and the tree looks pretty good and there are several new growths.


The only problem I’ve noticed is that something is eating the leaves.  There are random holes here and there.  I am guessing it’s either snails, slugs, or maybe caterpillars.  So to stop the slugs I put crushed eggshells around the tree trunk.  If that doesn’t stop them, then I may spray with neem oil.

Update July 27, 2014:  Some of the new growth have what looks like tip burn.  This could be due to the 100 plus days we’ve had these past few days.  I am thinking of covering it up with a umbrella.